Fldigi Audio Error "Port Audio Device not available" After Recent Windows 10 Update

解决:麦克风权限访问问题,Win7,Win10  (谷歌搜索关键字)
The fix for the loss of audio I/O for the Windows Update 1803 appears to be fairly easy to fix.

Go to Settings and select Privacy. Then select Microphone from the menu on the left side.

Check the box titled "Allow apps to access your microphone.

You will then have to decide which other, if any, apps need to be turned off or on (Camera, Cortana, etc.).

This was posted by Joe Subich, W4TV, earlier. Wanted to share it here


Dave - KB3MOW
Windows Update 1803 音频 I/O 丢失的修复似乎相当容易修复。 转到“设置”并选择“隐私”。然后从左侧菜单中选择麦克风。 选中标题为“允许应用程序访问您的麦克风”的框。 然后,您必须决定需要关闭或打开哪些其他应用程序(如果有)(相机、Cortana 等)。 这是由 W4TV 的 Joe Subich 早些时候发布的。想在这里分享。
73 戴夫 - KB3MOW